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Complete Biodegradable and Compostable range

In addition to improved sustainability, highly functioning, convenient BioWare products have still the same advantages as normal single-use products: 

  • Guaranteed hygiene

  • No need for dishwashing

  • Safe

  • Light to carry

  • Faster and more focused customer service

  • Quiet in use

  • Possibility for customized printing 


Huhtamaki’s BioWare product range includes: 

  • Paper hot drink cups

  • Paper cold drink cups

  • Clear cold drink tumblers

  • Lids for cold drink cups

  • Hinged-lid fresh food containers

  • Chinet plates & bowls

  • Strongholder cup carriers

  • Wooden & bio-plastic cutlery


Glass clear cups and containers

BioWare natural resin cups, lids and containers are glass-clear and function and look like those made of oil-based plastics. Despite their natural origin, no compromises have been made on their performance – they work perfectly in the serving of any cold food and beverages and have good twist retention and crack resistance. Their secret is a material called Ingeo® biopolymer. The biopolymer has good printability and is excellent for branding.

Complete bio paper cup range

The BioWare paper cup range is the first complete bio-coated paper hot and cold cup range launched in Europe. The cups are available in attractive BioWare stock design or can be visually customized for enhanced brand recognition. The cups are as strong and rigid as conventional Huhtamaki paper cups and come in different sizes. BioWare paper cold cups have the same rim diameter, thus one lid fits all sizes.

Sturdy plates and bowls

Chinet® plates are made from renewable and recycled materials and are compostable in industrial composting facilities. They are strong, durable and have a leak-resistant construction that

can be trusted for even the heaviest dishes. The elegant, classy and timeless appearance fits in everywhere from an upscale buffet to a picnic in the park. Chinet plates and bowls are available in a variety of sizes and they are microvawe safe.

Strongholder cup carriers

Strongholder cup carriers ensure your customer can carry more and reduce the possibility of spillage. They are ideal for a variety of locations, from stadiums to restaurants and cafes. Strongholder 2 -and 4-cup carriers are made form 100% recycled fiber and are certified for composting.

Bio cutlery

Bio cutlery nicely complements the BioWare range. The products available are forks, knives, spoons and stirrers.